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Fireplaces are welcoming, soothing, and great for creating warm memories. Having a fireplace in your home can improve the look and feel of your space. Not only do they provide warmth and help you get comfortable when it’s chilly, but fireplaces are also calming and relaxing to sit next to!

Enjoying a cup of coffee, reading a book, or sitting down with your loved ones around the fireplace, a beautiful fireplace gives a feeling of comfort like none other! 

To ensure maximum heating efficiency, you need a fireplace that is built the right way. But that is not all; your fireplace design is equally important. Fireplaces are usually centered in your living room with all your sofas or set of armchairs pointing towards them. During the season, you and your guests will be sitting facing your fireplace. This is why you need to make sure your fireplace design carries well with the rest of your room.


Fireplaces can transform the look of your room’s interior design entirely, so they should be built using the right materials, colours, and style! Luckily, it is something Cava Granite specializes in. You want a black granite fireplace or a granite fireplace surround, Cava Granite is where you look to find all the answers to owning a beautiful granite fireplace.


Custom Granite Fireplace & Granite Fireplace Surround

Your fireplace will surround the fire; it should be built using heat-resistant and durable materials and won’t compromise on the ambiance of your room. Another vital part of a fireplace is the fireplace surround. The fireplace surround will not only help stop escaping sparks from damaging the walls around your fireplace but will also add an aesthetic touch to the look of your fireplace. 

Granite ranks among the best material for fireplaces and surrounds due to its durability and heat-resistant properties.  Also, you want a traditional one or a modern look such as a black granite fireplace; Granite fireplaces will improve the aesthetic feel of your room with professional installation!

Cava Granite’s Professional Fireplace Surround Services

Cava Granite is one of the top providers of customized fireplace design and fireplace surround designs today! 

At Cava Granite, we offer fireplace customization and redesign using our state-of-the-art materials paired with our professional installation services. We offer granite fireplace surrounds that not only provide resistance to damage from the escaping flames of your fireplace but also add a contemporary touch to the look of your fireplace. Choose from our wide range of colours and designs available for view at our showroom or from granite fireplaces pictures available at our website!

Why Choose Cava?

Cava Granite has been offering professional design, installation, and redesign services for about a decade; we are experienced at meeting the needs of our clients. We deal only with quality materials and provide professional design and installation services, so our customers are 100% satisfied with our work.