Granite & Quartz Countertops

Welcome to Cava Granite, where we offer a wide range of quality countertops that help make your dream home project a reality! Our quartz and granite countertops can be used in several projects, specifically those that require:

-. Granite Kitchen Countertops
-. Quartz Kitchen Countertops
-. Bathroom Countertops

-. BBQ Kitchen Countertops
-. Countertops Backsplash
-. Custom Kitchen Cabinets and Granite Fireplace

Over 10 years of serving the residents of Cambridge!

Cava Granite has been active for over 10 years! Such a long period of servitude gives us an eye for home renovation projects. Our team will expertly guide you on the most appropriate style, colour, and texture for your project. Whether you require countertops for your kitchen or your bathroom, or you are looking to add some stonework to your fireplace and cabinets, we do it all!

Highest Quality

Countertops in Kitchener

Ganite and quartz in Cambridge

Granite Kitchen Countertops

• Hard and durable countertops
• 100% natural stone that is affordable
• Stain restraint, chip resistant, and scratch resistant
• Available in a wide selection of colours and patterns

Kitchen Countertop

Quartz Kitchen Countertops

• Tough, durable material that will last your family for decades
• Chip resistant, scratch resistant, and stain resistant
• A type of engineered stone that requires incredibly low maintenance
• Available in a wide selection of colours and designs

Do's and Don't to Increase the Lifespan of Your Countertops!

Do Clean Up Spills

Spills such as water are fine, but if you spill food and drinks that contain acids, they should be dealt with immediately. Such foods can end up staining your countertops and may be difficult to remove. Fruit juices, tomato sauce, wine, and coffee are included in this category. If you do happen to cause a spill, clean up your surfaces, and always use a soft cloth or sponge to do so.

Don’t Apply Too Much Pressure

Kitchen and bathroom countertops are durable and robust, but they can still crack under heavy amounts of pressure. You should avoid placing heavy objects around the edges or joints as they can cause cracking or chipping. You must also avoid standing or sitting on your countertops, as the pressure you apply can also cause cracks on the surface of your countertops.

Do Use Coasters and Mats

You should always use pads or mats to place under hot pans and pots. Similarly, always place coasters under cups, bottles, and glasses. While granite and quartz are quite durable and resistant to stains, it is still a nice precaution to have in place to protect your kitchen countertops. You should also avoid chopping or slicing items directly on the stone and instead use a chopping board!

Don’t Use Harsh Cleaners

You should always avoid using harsh or abrasive cleaners for your granite and quartz kitchen countertops. Using acidic cleaners such as vinegar, lemon, or lime or cleaners that come with ammonia or bleach should be avoided. Such cleaners can damage the protective sealant applied over your countertop, making it prone to damage. Instead, you should use a mild dishwasher liquid with warm water and a microfiber cloth to clean your countertops.

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Top Quality Countertops

Your countertops form a core part of your home. Think of them as an investment, one that should be durable, easy to clean, and pleasing to the eye! Luckily for you, we have a wide range of top-quality countertops for kitchen for you to choose from in Kitchener!

• Our granite and quartz countertops are durable and will last you for generations!

• We offer a wide selection of functional countertops that can be used in your kitchen, as your backsplash and even flooring!

• Our countertop collection ranges from affordable to luxury items, so you can find the right fit within your budget.

• Our kitchen countertops are stain-resistant, scratch-resistant, and chip resistant.

• We offer a wide selection of countertops in all types of shades, hues, colours, and patterns, so you may find the correct fit for your project!

• Our friendly and knowledgeable staff will happily to assist you with your every need from start to finish.