Backsplash Quartz
& Granite

A backsplash fills the gap on a kitchen or bathroom wall between cabinets and a countertop, adding a nice colourful touch to your kitchen and bathroom walls. A beautiful backsplash adds character and charm to your home and increases the value of your home when installed properly.

If you are looking for a cost-effective, fast and easy upgrade to your kitchen style, a backsplash is a perfect way to go!

Cava Backsplash

What Makes A Good Backsplash?

A backslash serves purposes that aren’t limited to simply giving a visual appeal; they also protect your kitchen walls. 

One of the essential features your backsplash should have is “resistance to substances.” If splashes of cooked meals and smoke residue accumulate on your walls, your kitchen will be a mess! Backsplashes help provide a barrier between your wall and your kitchen, so any residue and cooking spills can easily be washed off, and your walls aren’t damaged or discoloured. 

Backsplashes protect the walls of your kitchen by preventing spills and water from staining your walls. But that doesn’t mean they can’t be visually appealing! 

Luckily, you can get beautiful and superior-quality backsplashes at Cava Granite; it’s a quartz backsplash, granite backsplash or a countertop backsplash; we have it all. Oh, and we are known for our top backsplash installation in Kitchener Waterloo.

Cava Granite'S Backsplash

Customize Your Backsplash with Cava Granite

Your kitchen backsplashes don’t always come readymade; you can also use backsplash services to curate a customized backsplash for your kitchen walls! Something that fits your aesthetic sense of style. 

Backsplashes come in a variety of materials and designs to give a little flair to the final look of your kitchen! Consider it a combination of functionality and visual appeal. You can choose the best one for you, or create your own! You can do this in three short steps!

1. Select Material

Choose a material that is resilient and long-lasting. Granite and quartz are common materials used for backsplashes and come in various colours and designs! 


2. Select Color

Choose a colour that fits the aesthetic of your kitchen, something that fits your style and is visually appealing. You can also choose a combination of two colours to create a unique design!

3. Select Design

Finally, select the design or pattern of your backsplash. Have your stone tiles placed in a classic brick pattern, or would you go for an angled option, perhaps horizontally stacked? There are hundreds of ways you can style your backsplash just by bringing variations in design!

Cava Granite Backsplash

Installation Kitchener Waterloo Services

For the past 10 years, Cava has been serving clients in Kitchener-Waterloo and the GTA areas, helping them transform their living spaces! Our team of professionals is highly experienced in providing the best services starting from design and colour selection to expert installation. 

With Cava Granite’s experience, you will find the best quality backsplashes to adorn your kitchen walls! We offer a variety of colours, materials, and patterns for you to choose from and also offer customization so you can build a unique countertop backsplash for your kitchen!