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Quartz Countertops

Countertops that are manufactured of Quartz should be called engineered or compound stone instead. This explains how this resilient and stunning stone came into existence. Purchase your countertops from us and enjoy the best services and products. We guarantee a smooth and unproblematic experience as you choose between different designs and colours of countertops that align with your needs, tastes, and requirements.

Quartz has been designed and manufactured with the help of different materials so you can say the material volume of these countertops isn’t stone. Your Quartz countertops are made of polymeric, cement-based binders, waste granite, and marble, natural stone, recycled waste such as glass or silica, and of course Quartz. Engineered with so many different components gives Quartz its strength, resistance, flexibility, look and feel of natural stone.


Our Process

Confused about the next step? Don’t worry, we have got you covered. This is how we will design and build your dream kitchen:


Choose your style

Choose your style

We are constantly updating our stock to be up to date. For this reason, find on the following list our most up-to date choices for your kitchen countertop. There are some examples of this material in the next section. If you prefer we can have one of our team members to contact you as soon as possible. Click here to receive full advice from one of our experts.


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Additional products sinks and faucets

You almost got it! Here is a brief idea of some of the sinks and faucets we have available. Our suppliers have met high quality standards and that is the only reason why we offer you their products. Please feel free to ask us any question or refer to sinks and faucets for a more deep detail about this service.


Final installation

Final installation

Now that you chose the style, the right thickness and other additional products, our experts will finish it for you. We go on the next and last step where we install the final products taking care of every single detail. Because little details make a big difference.

Your Dreams

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Our team will be your best friend since the very beginning. No matter if you are an individual who is looking to redesign his kitchen or a business looking to have a completely brand new receptionist desk, vanity or even kitchen countertops. We have you covered. We will make sure to meet your quality standards until the very end.


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Differences Between Granite & Quartz?

Quartz countertops are stunning pieces for countertops but they are not the same as natural stone. Unlike Granite that is made from cutting a single slab, Quartz is made from mixing different materials and pigments. This makes Quartz just as strong as natural stone and even allows individuals to close from an even broader spectrum of colors and designs. Here are some extra facts about your favorite countertop.


Quartz countertops are initially made of grounded up minerals and are manufactured with a kind of finish. The pigment in the stone allows manufacturers to create an endless variety of colors and designs. The engineered stone’s biggest benefit is its ability to be molded to any structure and appearance.


Granites are made with different combinations, colors and tones based on its mineral quantities and the rate of their formation. For instance, granite with large quantities of potassium feldspar will look pink.


The mixing of synthetic materials helps to give quartz its strength and hardness similar to stone but also the flexibility of plastic.


Unlike Granite that is very inflexible, Quartz countertops do not crack or ship away from that easily. Being versatile pieces of stone they deliver the look of natural rock but are more long-lasting.


Natural stones are porous and so need constant sealing every year to prevent water from being absorbed into the rock. Quartz is a non-porous rock that does not require consistent sealing and is much easier to maintain and care for.


Granite is a stain resistant and easy to clean when sealed correctly.


There is no chance of bacteria being built-up in quartz. This stone when being engineered is mixed with resins and polymers giving it sealing properties. This creates a smoother surface and prevents water or other contaminants from entering the stone. These countertops can withstand even the toughest chemical cleaners.


Even with its innate antibacterial properties you can reinforce that by doing an active disinfection at home.

You Are Just One Step Away From Your Dreamed Kitchen

If you are looking for a quality quartz kitchen or bathroom countertop, Cava Granite is your best option. As you could see, quartz countertops are so easy to maintain. For homeowners who cannot expend a lot of time in cleaning their countertops, Quartz is the best choice. These countertops have been engineered by mixing different materials, minerals, resins to produce to the sturdiest manufactured stone for your kitchen. Find below the most frequently asked questions we normally receive. If you have any concern or would like to speak to our team, please fill out the contact form and we will get in touch with you as soon as possible.

Will my quartz countertop soak any kind of water when wet?

Quartz countertops are perfect stones that are non-porous so they do not soak any water on the surface like natural stones. Mild soaps and sprays can be used all over the surfaces to clean any liquid and stains without damaging the surface. 

Is there any limitation to clean quartz countertops?

Use any kind of cleaners, even those with chemicals in them! This engineered rock has been made of resins to protect it from chemicals and liquids without additional sealing. For meaner stains soak a damp towel on top of the stain until it loosens. 

Do I need to schedule any maintenance after you install my kitchen countertop?

The best part about Quartz is that it does not require any additional scheduled maintenance like natural stone. These countertops have been manufactured with the needed properties and do not require additional waxing or sealing from stains or mildew.

Do I need to be too carefully when using it?

This stone is known for its durability so don’t be shocked by its small list of ‘don’ts.’ Remember to keep a select amount of abrasive material away from your countertops such as paint removers, silver polish, nail polish remover, and oil-based soaps.

Do You have any tips for a daily use?

Quartz countertops can take quite a bit from its owners. This doesn’t make them indestructible. Don’t cut your vegetables and meats directly on the surface because the knives can damage your stone. There aren’t a lot of things to avoid when dealing with Quartz. It is known to be one of the toughest materials available for use.