Partial Countertop Slabs or Remnants?

Renovating your kitchen countertops and bathroom slabs is an excellent way to give your home a new and refreshing look. But what about the budget?

Budget is definitely the biggest deterrent in getting the beautiful material you so desire, right?

The hefty prices of full slabs make it quite unapproachable for many people. But that doesn’t mean you have to compromise styling your kitchen and bathroom vanity top. Countertop remnants are ideal for people who are short on budget but still wish to have elegant countertops all over the house!

What Is The Difference Between Partial And Remnant Slab?

If the house is undergoing a small renovation project and requires a piece of slab for your fireplace mantel, kitchen counter, tabletop, or shower piece, you have two choices in front of you: remnant or partial.

So, what is the difference between the two, and which one should you choose?

• Remnant

A remnant is the left-out portion of a granite slab that was cut down to create a countertop. This leftover portion is unusable as stones are naturally occurring, and nature is not definite.

Since this left-out piece is of no use, it is ideal for small jobs and can be bought at a reasonable price after a fair bargain.

• Partial Slab

Quartz countertops remnants are often referred to as partial slabs. Partial slabs come as smaller slab pieces and are a cheaper yet durable option for creating varying style countertops.

Factors To Consider Before Buying Remnant Countertop

Buying a countertop remnant requires as much consideration as buying a full-length slab would demand. Where remnants are strong and serve multiple purposes, there are points you must remember before buying one to use in your house.

Here are some factors you must consider before buying a remnant or quartz.

• What Size Do You Want?

Although countertop remnants come in smaller and medium sizes, you need to have perfect measurements to make sure you pick an accurate size remnant that fits your countertops.

For creating a countertop, you will need a bigger piece of a remnant, whereas smaller pieces can ideally serve as bathroom vanity options. Size should be your first consideration while making the purchase.

• Which Design Is Ideal?

Next comes the design, another important factor when choosing a granite or quartz remnant for creating dynamic countertops. Make sure the style and natural design of the remnant enhance the overall colour theme of the room.

Depending on the design of your room, choose whether you need a neutral remnant surface or a complex remnant surface would be a better option. It’s totally up to you!

• Do The Suppliers Offer Installation?

Make sure the supplier of your choice offers installation services. Having professionals taking care of the installation process ensures that the remnant is fixed the right way without making a considerable mess in your house.

Good Quality Countertops In Cambridge

I need the best quality versatile remnants granite countertops near me; what are my options?

Well, Cava Granite has as many options as you can think of!

Being a leading countertop supplier of quartz countertops remnants Toronto, we are ready to help our customers with the best solutions. You need a full kitchen slab or require a partial slab for your bathroom vanity, you name it, and we have it. Our countertop remnants are of high quality that will not only balance your home décor but will last a lifetime.

Uses Of Our Countertop Remnants

The partial and remnants available in our serving areas, including Kitchener, Waterloo, Cambridge and Toronto GTA have diverse uses. Instead of going for a full-length and expensive slab to use in multiple areas of your house, try a more reliable and inexpensive option of using remnants.

Here are some best uses of remnants available at Cava Granite

• Design A Bathroom Vanity

Designing a bathroom vanity out of a remnant is a mind-blowing idea. The bathroom is the most used space after the kitchen, and adding the remaining piece of the slab to create a vanity would be a fine way of using granite remnants.

• Update Your Laundry Room

The laundry room is another space you can recreate by utilizing the remnants we deliver. The beautiful and robust countertops can amplify the beauty of your laundry room without putting a strain on your budget.

• Get A New Living Room Table

Bored with the outdated glass table? Redesign it with a simple, elegant, and durable piece of granite remnant. You can even design a table using two pieces of granite or quartz remnants; your table will be easier to maintain and look more contemporary.

• Serving Tray

At Cava Granite, we can help you create beautiful trays, hot plates, or coasters. These things can be a fine option for you when it comes to decorating your dining table or kitchen countertops.

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