Kitchen Backsplash. What to consider when buying them

The time to recreate that dream kitchen you love to save up on Pinterest is finally here. There’s a lot to do and a lot more to decide upon. What should be the overall vibe of your kitchen? Should it be modern or classic, the cabinets style, flooring, and the backsplash?

Well, especially the backsplash! 

The backsplash is the center and one of the most critical pieces of your kitchen that bind the floor, cabinetry, and overall kitchen decor together. The right design and texture of the backsplash can help you elevate your kitchen’s beauty and style. It can be an overwhelming task to decide from numerous options, colours, and textures available. 

To ease your distress, we bring you the most significant factors to keep in mind when shopping for an eye-catching super chic kitchen backsplash.

But First, What’s Your Budget?

Proper budgeting and analysis of your finances is the initial step of every renovation process. Decide how much you can invest on the backsplash exactly, and then explore your options according to that.

There is a huge variety of tiles for backsplash available in the market with contrasting price differences and amazing designs. When you have a budget margin in mind, it will be easier to decide the material, style and quality of the tiles you want to install. For example, modern mosaic designs are expensive, while standard subway tiles are reasonable. However, both have excellent patterns available.

Consider the Color

It is a new kitchen you are working with or a re-styling job; deciding on the right colours for your kitchen is not easy. Of course, you need something that is evergreen in style and would not make you feel bored with your choices after some time. You need to consider something that you are going to love even after 5 to 10 years. 

Thus, first, decide if you want to go dark or it is light that you fancy, and then it will be easier for you to finalize the colour. The light neutral colours give out coolness and serenity to the environment. On the other hand, bold dark colours let you create unique designs, which are best if you have good lighting in the kitchen to compliment.

Also, a kitchen backsplash endures a lot during the cooking sessions; therefore, choose something that will not catch stains quickly.

Visualize the Look

The backsplash needs to compliment the cabinets and the countertops, or else it will look weird and out of place. If your countertops are dark-coloured, go with the neutral but attractively designed backsplash. If your kitchen design is more classic, pick something that will increase its beauty and aesthetics without making it dull and flat.

The tiled wall behind the stoves is a great way to reflect your style and creativity, but it does not have to be overdone nor has to be boring. Just as you dress up according to the occasion, you also need to pick the style that will go hand in hand with the cabinets and the countertop.

Material that Suits Your Needs

The perfect material for tiles depends on the final look you want to recreate and the maintenance you can provide in the long run.

For example: 

  • The glass tiles look extremely elegant and luxurious, but the stains and splashes will be visible horribly. However, they can be cleaned easily, so these are good for kitchens will low activity. 
  • On the other hand, ceramic and porcelain tiles are low maintenance and go a long way in giving out traditional vibes in their uniquely contrasting way. 
  • You want your kitchen to look like a piece of art; mosaic tiles are calling you.

The options are numerous with three-dimensional tiles, natural stones, marble, and so on. But opt for the one that is durable, easy to maintain, and uplifts the grandeur of your kitchen. 

Area To Cover

The area and the height your backsplash takes play a vital role in creating an aesthetic outlook. It impacts your budget and the beauty of your kitchen. You can take the tile all the way up the roof, but if your budget does not allow this, you need to get the suitable material and design in your budget to protect the back wall from splashes and spills.

Remember, an excellent design does not have to break the bank.

Select The Right Grout

Last but not least, choosing the right grout is critical because it is the backbone of your backsplash. Go for the shade lighter than your tile colour, as its purpose is to add strength to the tiles and prevent dirt from going underneath the tiles.

Looking For The Best Quality Kitchen Backsplash For Your Kitchen?

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