Hot Plates on Granite Countertops

When one wishes to make their kitchen look elegant and stylish with low maintenance, installing a Granite countertop is the top solution on their list. The beauty they add to the kitchen design is stunningly unique and unattainable with other countertops. In simple words, choosing granite for your countertop is the easiest way to create a luxurious look with minimum maintenance required.

But are these elegant granite pieces able to bear the excessive heat from the hot pans and pots? Can you put hot pans on granite? Can you put hot things on granite?

The answer is yes. Granite ranks among the most heat-resistant materials available when it comes to countertops.

So, why worry about granite countertops getting cracked or ruined due to wear and tear? Is it a myth or fact? Find out the details below and information on how you can take care of your investment to make it last for years.

What Is So Special About Granite?

Granite countertops are made up of igneous rocks formed from extreme geological procedures under the deep layers of earth. These procedures occur at high temperatures of about 600 °C to over 1000°C, making them the toughest material for a kitchen countertop. After all, no matter how hot your pots are, they cannot reach the heat level of volcanic eruptions.

So, Will Hot Pans Damage the Granite Countertops?

The hot pans and plates won’t necessarily damage the countertops. Granite being an extremely heat resistant and almost heatproof stone performs exceptionally well in kitchens. Placing your hot plate over a well-maintained granite slab does not make it crack or break under any circumstances.

But remember that placing hot pans at the same spot repeatedly can cause discoloration and marks after a long time. This is the same for placing hot pans on the countertop for longer periods. However, these discolorations can be corrected by getting them cleaned and polished by professionals.

Things to Avoid on Your Granite Countertops

Thermal shocks take place when a stone surface is exposed to extreme heating or cooling temperatures. For example, when a hot boiling water pot is placed on the counter and then suddenly an ice bucket is placed at the same place without letting the granite cool, it can potentially crack a stone. Now, granite is pretty strong against such elements, but it does not mean you should be careless.

So, avoid these acts, and you will have your granite kitchen countertop sparkling even for the generations to come:

• Clean the Spills Quickly

Despite all your care, spills are sure to happen. The acidic drinks and oil can ruin the sealing and stain the granite if not cleaned quickly. So clean them with a mild cleanser or hot soapy water quickly.

• Avoid Using the Knives Directly Over the Counter

Although your granite countertop is quite stronger than the sharpest knife in your kitchen but using a knife directly on the surface can ruin the texture of your countertop. Therefore, slice your food on cutting boards for added safety and cleanliness.

• Avoid Hot Pans Directly On the Counter

Granite can bear extreme heat, due to which brief encounters with hot pot will not make it bulge.  However, chances are excessive heat will loosen the sealants over time. Thus, use trivets and pot holders for hot pots to be on the safe side, and it is also better to wipe down the hot spills and drips immediately.

• Do Not Sit or Stand On the Tops

This rock has naturally occurring holes and tiny veins in its inner structure that can crack under excessive weight and high pressure. Therefore, avoid climbing over it for changing the kitchen bulbs and fixtures etc.

Granite is the most durable material you can get for your kitchen. With its beautiful designs and stain, heat, and scratch-resistant properties, granite makes the perfect match for your countertops. However, you need to be careful when using your granite countertop, and it will last you years.


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