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Our Spa

Located in a privileged area of Laureles, Medellín, Amatsu Spa is a magical and cozy place for couples, friends, quinceañeras and girls who want to disconnect from day to day and enjoy a unique service, at the best price.

All the little details, along with the ancient Japanese therapies and philosophies, will make you enjoy every minute of the service you paid for. Dare to try it!


We offer you a broad portfolio of services, strategically designed
for you to enjoy, relax and connect with yourself.

Do not let neither stress nor day-to-day routine end your peace of mind. Our team designed different spa plans. Choose the one you like best!

We are one of the few spas in Medellín that have a large portfolio of massages with techniques from India, Indonesia, Hawaii, Japan and Thailand.

Your face is the first area of the body with which eye contact is made. Do not let anyone touch your face without knowing what he is doing.
For that reason, our team was trained with the best professionals.

We have a wide variety of body treatments focused on restoring confidence and self-esteem to all our clients. Try one and you will not regret it.

If you are interested in returning the softness and luminosity to your skin, and also giving it a more uniform appearance, we offer you a variety of masks to hydrate it.

We have other alternatives that will also help your appearance, such as hair removal, depigmentation and tanning. Choose the one you need most.

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Meet the experiences of some of our clients. Our spa has a wide portfolio of services inspired by elements, therapies and ancient Japanese philosophies. In other words, 100% relaxation and comfort. Do not miss it!

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