Granite Remnants. What you Need to Know

Granite countertops are a surefire way to upgrade your classy abode with a chic and attractive look. With unique hues and beautiful designs, granite remnants are something you will want to hold on to, and that is why we have listed our top ten favourite ways you can take things up a notch by upcycling those extra leftover pieces.

Chop, Chop, Chop Away

One of the most useful ideas on this list is to turn your leftover granite into a cutting board. Whether you use this handy kitchen assist to chop your meat and vegetables for a hearty stew or use its perfectly smooth surface to roll the dough for your next pie is entirely up to you.

Light it up!

Does your living room look a little shabby, and do you need something that will brighten up the room? Well, a lamp with a granite remnant base will surely do the trick. 

This is a unique way to use those beautiful leftover granite pieces, no matter the size or shape. Large, thick slabs can be turned into a sleek, rectangular base design, while uniquely shaped remnants can be stacked on top of each other, forming a textured, rustic structure.

Add Some Spice to Your Walls

Sporting a one-of-a-kind look, this idea is bound to turn heads whenever someone visits your humble abode. You can make use of the stone’s natural beauty and gorgeous hues by hanging a granite slab on the wall as a depiction of art, and if you are feeling feisty, you can even get the granite cut up in a creative and stylish pattern!

Coffee on the House?

Spruce up your old coffee table by replacing its top with a beautiful slab of granite. This will completely revolutionize the look of your sitting area and serve as an ideal resting place for your beloved cup of coffee.

On the Floor

Yes, you read that right. Your floors do not have to be made of boring old tiles or wood – you can lay out granite as it is or in patterns to give the flooring in your residence the “oomph” it needs. What’s better is that, if installed correctly, the stone will go a long way because of its attraction and durability.

All About the Drip

Who doesn’t want their home to be envied by everyone in the neighbourhood? Adding a water feature to your backyard is a fantastic way to boost the look and give it a high-class feel. Granite stone is sturdy, durable, easily available, and most of all – it looks breathtaking, which is why it serves as an ideal material to work with. Installing a mini rock waterfall or fountain will give your garden the high-end chic design it deserves.

Fully Booked

By cutting the granite pieces into geometric shapes and eccentric designs, you can turn your precious granite remnants into minimalistic bookends for a simplistic yet modern display on your shelf.

Be a Little Shelf-Ish

It is essential to have proper storage for a functional and organized household. If you have already incorporated granite into your lounge, bathroom, kitchen, and laundry room, you can tie everything together by adding shelves made of granite, which comes with the added bonus of extra storage for your personal items.

Serve with Panache

It is vital to have a well-built and pretty serving tray for when you have company, and granite is an excellent material for the job as it is easy to clean, has a sturdy structure, and is perfect for presentation. You can even turn it into an attractive charcuterie board to display all the mouthwatering treats you have prepared for your guests.

With a Side of…

Turn the valuable remnants into earthy, debonair coasters by cutting them into different shapes – circles, triangles, squares, or just some botched-up design. It all depends on your creativity. These coasters will act as an ideal décor for your tabletop.

Final Thoughts

Undoubtedly, the list does not end here. There are plenty of other ways you can remodel the elegant slabs of granite you have lying around your house; it just takes a sense of style and a dash of creativity to revitalize the structure of your household.


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