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Cava Granite is your one-stop countertop shop. Browse our extensive list of quartz and granite countertops on our website, or visit our showroom! We offer high-quality, chip-resistant, durable countertops perfect for all your home renovation needs. Our countertops can be used for your kitchen and bathrooms, as your backsplash, cabinets, and for your fireplace, however you like!

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Cava Granite has been providing residents of Guelph with high-quality quartz and granite countertops for over 10 years. We help our clients find the right countertops for their particular home project, one that fits their home aesthetic. If you seek a professional granite countertops fabrication and installation service, visit the Cava Granite showroom today! Our team will help transform your home into a beautiful, stunning living space.

“Not sure if we’re the right fit? Check out our client testimonials! “

Tosh Kondo
Tosh Kondo
The whole team from sales, measurement and installation are very professional and was a pleasure to deal with. We visited the tile store while we were disappointed in the selection of granite countertops at stores in KW area. Then we noticed Cava granite right next door and visited the store. What a pleasant surprise! Not only they carried the stone colour we liked but those stones were on sale. After we comtemplated on the options, a day later we put a deposit on the granite for our kitchen countertop. 3 days later measurement guy Mihal showed up with digital calibration device and we talked about the layout on the stone, such as which area in the slab of stone be allocated to island and countertop. Mihal showed his experience and recommended the orientation and showed us how the countertop be mated from 2 different slab of stone. He marked it up on the stone to show visually for us to forsee the final product. The stone arrived 5 working days later but rain became ice that night and there were no safe way to carry 2 of 400lbs and 1 of 500lbs stones. We appreciate their safety concerns and the install date was rescheduled 3 days later. We prepared the pathway without ice or snow to make sure they can carry stones in a safely manner. The result of the installation was fantastic and the fit on the kitchen cabinets were laser accurate without any gaps whatsoever against walls built back in 1961. Hats off to all the team members at Cava Granite and thank you for the quality and the price of stones and installation, not to mention laying down heavy cloth to protect new wooden floor and clean up after the installation. We were very satisfied with the countertop, a week later we purchased the medallion over the range. It looks super as well. As soon as we finish laying down the back splash we will post the pictures. Thanks again Cava Granite. Tosh and Linda
Monica Rojas
Monica Rojas
Felipe Alfonso
Felipe Alfonso
Cava Granite was nothing but amazing from start to finish. friendly and knowledgeable staff happy to assist you with your every need. Highly recommend their excellent service and top quality counter tops. Thank you and look forward to the next project.
Droz Olath
Droz Olath
Cheryl Phillips
Cheryl Phillips
Job Well Done! I have called 4 times to try to schedule an appointment for them to finish the install and they take my name and number every time and say they will call me back and never do. I think they have me confused with someone else because they keep saying they are showing up at my house and we are not home. They are saying they are calling me ahead of time and THEY ARE ASOLUTLEY NOT. The women who answers the phone has been so rude! I absolutely love my countertops but this is crazy 🙁 UPDATE: They called me back and sent someone over to complete the job! I am very happy with their response, they did apologize as well. It seems they were calling the wrong number as I suspected. The gentleman who showed up to do the work was amazing!
Berenice Cruz
Berenice Cruz
Christos Shiamptanis
Christos Shiamptanis
Price gouging at its best. Their prices depend on who you talk to. They tell you one price and when it is time to select the final stone and pay, the price changes. Background (the good, the bad and the ugly) When we first went to the store, the owner Adrian helped us. He said that if we chose a remnant piece, he would have given us a good price. Also he said that the remnant pieces are the same price. Although their selection was rather limited, we picked a stone and gave a down payment. No receipt was given. Two days later, we went back and asked if it is possible to select a different remnant stone. They said yes, but the second experience was awful. First, the female salesperson couldn't find our file. Since I had no receipt, I couldn't do anything. I hoped that they find my info. Eventually, she found it but she was rather rude and abrupt. We explained what we wanted and we requested that the new granite to be of the same price and quality as the first one. While she was showing us the remnant stones, she seemed annoyed and her tone was hostile. When we selected a new stone that she showed us, she said "oh this is more expensive" Then I selected a different stone that she showed us, she said again that it was more expensive. All of a sudden every stone that was supposed to be the same price as the original granite became more expensive. When I asked why they are more expensive, she said "Demand ". I was surprised by the answer because we were looking leftover pieces. If there was Demand, the remnant pieces would not be sitting outside. I asked to speak to the owner. She didn't like that. When we went inside, she dominated the discussion. She wouldn't let me explain. To my surprise the owner without even checking the stone that I was referring too, he said it is more expensive. I couldn't believe that he was contradicting himself. I requested a refund. To my second surprise, they didn't know how to give a refund. I had to wait 30 minutes to get my money back. My advice: Be transparent with the pricing.
Adnan Khan (Match Point By Dr Adnan)
Adnan Khan (Match Point By Dr Adnan)
Very nice shop, very catchy variety, just caught them by chance. Were planning to go lowes, lot of things in the mind. My wife spoke to one of boys and went over to this shop. Never thought that we area going to do this much big project with them. Went to o window the shop. We reached there in closing moments. Boys dealt us very good. Sebastian was the guy who captured us first on phone, liked his dealing, gave us plenty of time. Got some real nice treatment. Compatible rates. And finally we decided to go with these guys on our very first visit. Owner was very good, came to our home later for measurements. Professional guys. Victor is the man who owns it, what do I believe, works by himself, seems to be experienced guy. Five stars. Highly recommended
H Rako
H Rako
Cava granite did an excellent job with the granite slab we picked out. They were very easy to work with and their guys did an excellent job delivering and installing this massive dining room table top. Very accommodating and great after sale service. Would definitely do business with them again. A sincere thank you to the entire Cava Team. Job well done.

Top-Quality Countertops in Guelph

Cava Granite offers a diverse range of granite and quartz countertops. You can choose from a variety of colours, styles, and textures to find the right countertop that fits your project needs. We aim to provide the alluring, durable countertops that will last your family for generations. Take a look at the countertops we offer.

Granite Kitchen Countertops

• Natural stone countertops that will always be in style!
• Durable, hard, chip resistant, crack-resistant material
• Stain-resistant, low-maintenance designs
• Available in a wide range of colours and styles

Quartz Kitchen Countertops

• Engineered stone, but also a stunning addition to your home!
• Durable, tough material design
• Chip-resistant, stain-resistant, and scratch-resistant stone
• Available in a broad range of colours and styles

How To Maintain Your Granite/Quartz Countertops?

Do Clean Up Spills

While both quartz and granite are incredibly resistant to stain, they are still not completely stain-proof. This is why it is important to wipe away any spills over the counter immediately before they set in. Liquids such as wine and coffee are no exception. This is further important if your spill has an acidic base, as this can discolour the stone.

Do Use Coasters

While your kitchen countertops are resistant to many things, heat is not one of them. Excessive exposure to heat from hot pans or other sources can damage your countertops. You should always use coasters, hot pads, and trivets before setting anything on the kitchen countertop to protect it from heat damage.

Don’t Use Abrasive Cleaners

You must always avoid using abrasive cleaners or harsh chemicals on your countertops. Bleach, glass cleaners, bath tile cleaners, disinfecting wipes, or even natural cleaners such as lemon or vinegar are all some strong categories you should avoid. Instead, you should use a light dishwashing liquid, warm water, and a microfiber cloth to clean your Quartz and Granite countertops.

Don’t Slice Directly on Your Countertops

Slicing or chopping foods directly over your countertops should be avoided. Granite and Quartz countertops are resistant to scratching but can still get damaged, especially if you apply too much pressure. Using knives directly on your countertops can also damage your knives; best to avoid it entirely! Instead, use a cutting board to slice and chop your foods without damaging your countertops.

For more information on our countertops, talk to our professionals! Contact Us today!

Why Choose Cava Granite for Your Countertops?

Cava Granite has been cutting, manufacturing, and installing quartz and granite countertops in Guelph and the adjoining areas for over 10 years. Our professionals have helped countless families choose the right fit for their home project needs. You can be next!

• Our experienced professional will not only help you choose the right countertops but will also help with countertops installation.

• Our staff will help you select the right look for your kitchen, bathroom, or other living spaces, one that matches your unique home aesthetic!

• We provide a diverse selection of granite and quartz countertops, available in a number of patterns, colours, and styles!

• Our countertops are incredibly durable and resistant to cracking, spillages, staining, scratching, and chipping!

• We also have a state-of-the-art showroom where you can choose the right countertops for your project in person!

• We have been operating for over a decade! Allow us to help make your dream home a reality!

The Cava Granite Process!

What’s important to note about our quartz and granite products is that they are not limited to kitchen or bathroom installation. They can be used anywhere around your home to add a touch of style and flair to your spaces. We further specialize in flooring, customized kitchen cabinets, backsplashes, and fireplace mantels!

Want to start working with Cava Granite? It’s easy! Just follow the four-step process we have outlined below:

1. Choose Your Style

The first step for your home project is to decide on the right style of countertops you need. You can browse through our collection on our website or visit our showroom in Kitchener, Waterloo, and Cambridge.

2. First Visit

Once your style is finalized, our team will move on to manufacturing. For this, we will need exact sizing, dimensions, quantity, and other details pertaining to your project. For accurate measurements, our team will visit your project location.

3. Initial Cut

Once our team has the prerequisites, we will move on to manufacturing and cutting your countertops to the right size and shape. We use state-of-the-art technology and equipment to cut out our countertops with precision and detail.

4. Final Installation

Our team will finally deliver your prepared countertops to your site locations. We can also assist in the bathroom and kitchen countertop installation for you if needed! Our team is incredibly experienced when it comes to countertops installation, no matter the project complexity!

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