Are Granite Countertops Going Out of Style?

If you’re looking at fitting out your kitchen properly, one of the things that you have to focus on is the countertop surface.  Sure, laminate is the cheapest, and poured concrete and/or cork are great alternative options, but what, actually, is going to be the right choice for your kitchen?  Is it granite, in fact?  This is a particular kind of countertop that is popular in all of the magazines and in all of the images that you’ve seen online, but what should you know about it in terms of its popularity and how it’s going to hold up over time, trends, and use in your kitchen or bathroom?

Granite is amongst the high end options

The honest truth is that granite is priced higher than a lot of the options such as laminate.  That’s why finding them in a home that you are looking at buying is going to be such a huge appeal, assuming you love granite.  Priced above most countertop surfaces, including bamboo and quartz, granite is a natural organic stone that looks a little different in every application of it, in every kitchen (even if you are buying the exact same one as, say, your neighbour.

That originality, as well as its natural depth and resonance, blend together into a worktop surface that is to-die-for.  Whether you’re looking at this as a granite countertop for your kitchen, or something more selective such as granite vanities, it’ll immediately add presence to any and every space it’s in.

Granite is long-lasting

Then there’s the fact that granite is basically indestructible.  Even in busy household kitchens with lots of abuse (let’s face it, who uses trivets?), granite will hold up.  It’s natural properties leave it resistant to staining, chipping or scratching.  Even with any of those, the natural veining in the granite is enough to hide anything that detracts from your countertop. 

Then there’s the fact that, investment-wise, granite is worth your buck every single time.  Where wood or laminate wear over time, and need to be replaced, granite stays strong and resistant.  So, while there is a bit more of an upfront cost, it’s going to pay off down the road because you’re not going to be stuck with replacement costs. 

Granite countertops are timeless

One of the concerns that a lot of people have with granite is that it’s going to be dated and out of style.  Firstly, granite is one of those materials that is never going to go out of style.  It’s timeless and aesthetically pleasing and designed to both be a feature piece and blend into the background at the same time.  You can change other more dated features in your space (cupboard colours and hardware, for example), buyt your granite countertops and granite vanities can remain as a timeless staple!

Then there’s the fact that you can deliberately choose your granite with the future in mind.  It comes in just about every shade and colour combination under the sun.  You can go for bold feature pieces if you want (popular with kitchen islands or granite vanities), or with a more neutral and calm design, such as in those kitchens with a lot of worktop space.

By choosing quiet or neutral tones, your granite countertop will simply shift with your new cupboards or hardware or appliances, looking elegant each time.  If you go with a statement piece, however, it’ll remain the statement piece with its personality and shock value.  Even as preferences change, granite just changes right along with it and modifies itself like a chameleon.

The bottom line on granite countertops as an investment

The thing is, you’ve got a lot of things in your kitchen or bathroom that are going to have to be updated after 10 or 20 years: cupboards, hardware, futures, appliances, etc.  All of that will get dated at some point or another.  But a carefully chosen, top quality granite countertop or vanity is going to be one of those timeless centerpieces of your room.  You won’t need it to swop it out aesthetically or functionally, saving your precious time and effort.

While trends come and go, you can bet that your granite countertops — regardless of size or use — is never going to go out of style.  While there is very rarely a sure thing when it comes to value for money or return on investment (ROI), this is pretty much as close as you get.  Plus, it’s a massive selling feature down the road since everybody wants it!

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